What You Need to Know About the Health Care Law

27 Jan

Let’s start with figuring out the new healthcare legislation- and what it could mean for you…

Like most laws, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is complex. Who could forget all the talk about this over 900-page document? You don’t need to read the entire law, but you do need to understand what the changes in the law mean to you. How does the law affect you personally, based on who you are, where you live and what your health status and health coverage is?
The Health Law Guide does a good job of boiling down all the complicated information from the law. By answering six simple questions, you will get an individually tailored report outlining coverage details based on your existing health care coverage or what other health coverage you may be eligible to get.
Since different parts of the law will go into effect over a number of years, the Health Law Guide is updated regularly. So bookmark the page and check back often to learn about the new benefits as they become available.

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