Digital Health can Prevent Unnecessary Care

28 Jan

We agree with the view that using progressive digital health can prevent unnecessary medications and screenings. At the Empowered Living program, we provide our seniors with customized care systems which gives them a personal touch and powerful trending report.

Check out this informative post by Neil Versel of MobiHealthNews, featuring an interview segment of Dr. Eric Topol, the Dean of Digital Health:

Topol, a cardiologist, told Snyderman, that billions of dollars are wasted every year for screening and unnecessary medications because people are “being treated like a cattle herd” in the frantic fee-for-service, litigation-happy world. “Medicine today is about as wasteful as one can imagine,” he said.

Topol expressed the view that a third of drugs prescribed are “total waste” and mass screenings represent “medicine dumbed down” by treating everyone the same.

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