Aha: Study shows Older Americans love Tech, but hate to admit it

29 Jan

This is interesting 🙂

Though 88.5% of Americans over 45 consider themselves slow to adopt new technologies, 89% will embrace something new when it’s better than what they currently use. When older Americans think new technologies fit into their lifestyles, 84.5% say they’ll embrace them. And despite considering themselves slow to adopt, 79.2% of Americans find technology fun and enjoy trying out new gadgets.

Following a recent Pew Internet study showing that older Americans have embraced technology, software maker Perion decided to explore how people over 45 view their devices. The study, released Monday, polled 2,963 American respondents over 45 (86% of whom were over 55). Just 11% of respondents are classified as “early adopters,” while the remaining 89% are classified as “second wave adopters.

Read more of the Mashable Article by Zoe Fox here.

Seniors are avid adopters of technology, but mostly want to seem hesitant. Why do you think this is so?

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