Are ‘Elderly’ or ‘Senior’ Derogatory words?

27 Apr

This was not a whimsical poll.

We were inspired to learn your views, after a recent Guardian Article came out that suggested the following words are deemed derogatory: Codger, Fogey, Elderly, Senior, Fossil, Biddy, Sweet Little Old Lady

The advice is included in a media guide on reporting issued by the think tank The International Longevity Center, and ageism campaign group Aging Services of California.

While the rest of the words have colloquial British meanings (fogey, codger) and some are just plain rude (fossil), the author of this post does not believe that the terms ‘Elderly’ or ‘Senior’ is derogatory per se. Of course, if used in a discriminatory context or with willful intent any word can sound bad.

According the the new journalist guide:

Instead, people aged over 50 should be referred to as ‘older people’ or simply ‘man’ or ‘woman’ followed by their age, the guide suggests.

What do you think?


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